Reverend Bruce Van Blair

In 2015, the Reverend Bruce Van Blair was called back to lead CDM Community Church, Congregational for the second time, having originally served as senior pastor from 1996 – 2006.  

Bruce is a fully ordained Minister of the United Church of Christ. He is a graduate of Andover Newton Theological School. His first church was in Paxton, Massachusetts, where he began his full-time ministry on February 1, 1959.  Some 58 years and eight churches later, Bruce says that, maybe, he’s starting to get a handle on some of it.

 His wife, Mariana – a voice teacher, accomplished photographer, story-teller, and world traveler – has been married to Bruce for 61 years. Both Bruce and Mariana were born, raised and educated in Southern California. 

Bruce claims that all pilgrims (serious followers) have had tougher, more interesting, and more blessed lives than it ever looks like on the surface. Spiritual experiences and awakenings are what make the Path (the Christian WAY) both endlessly exciting and worth all the trauma and dark nights that go with it. Bruce is a recovering alcoholic (33 years) and an avid bird-watcher when he finds the time. 

Bruce is a passionate teacher and prolific author with a deep grasp of the Bible. He encourages each member to follow the Holy Spirit to frame and follow his or her faith accordingly. Bruce has a deep and abiding loyalty to Jesus. The Reverend Bruce Van Blair is well represented in our Sermon Library.