Adult Ministries

The adult ministry exists to draw us together to learn and grow with Christ and each other through prayer, fellowship, and service. 


Our Disciple Bands offer regular forums for us to explore the Christian Path together and learn practical tools for walking the Way, and to be in community together and support each other.

Sunday 9:00AM Adult Bible Study - Library
Monday 7:00AM Men’s Bible Study - Library

Tuesday 8:15AM Women’s Disciple (Garden Club) - Bride's Room

Wednesday 10:00AM Women’s Bible Study - Library

Wednesday 6:30PM Women’s Disciple (Myrrh Maids) - Library

Thursday 6:45AM Men's Disciple Group - Library

Thursday 9:15AM Women’s Disciple Group - Bride's Room 

Thursday 6:00PM Co-Ed Disciple Group - Library 


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